Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar

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LOOG - Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar


Meet the ideal first guitar for children. The Loog Mini guitar is a real guitar crafted of wood with three low-action, nylon strings for easy playing. Designed for little hands, the Loog Mini is about the same size as a ukulele but plays and sounds like a classical guitar with standard tuning and perfect intonation, so anything kiddo learns on the Loog can be applied to a 6-string guitar. How cool! It comes with flashcards and an accompanying app that gets kids learning and playing real songs (not just scales or exercises) on day one. This gives young rockers a sense of accomplishment that encourages them to keep at it. More than a toy, the Loog Mini is a real instrument that helps young children acquire skills that will stay with them forever, from fine motor to listening to perseverance.






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