PT Water Play Set

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PT Water Play Set

PLAN TOYS - PT Water Play Set


- For 3 and up 

Go on an adventure on the high seas with the Plan Toys Water Play Set - just add water! The PlanToys Water Play Set has everything your child needs to create an imaginative water world of their own design. Just fill the tray with water and you're ready to go! 

· Characteristics: The Water Play Set features a rubber tray, a paddle boat, a sailing boat, a rope, 2 figures, a log, 3 fish, 2 trees and a bush. 

· Size and Color: The blue rubber tray measures 12 inches wide, 19 ½ inches long and two inches tall. The included accessories are a variety of colors including yellows, browns, greens, and reds, all colored with vegetable dyes. 

· The Water Play Set from PlanToys is part of our Friends of Safari collection.