PT Hair Dresser Set

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PT Hair Dresser Set

PLAN TOYS - Hair Dresser Set

The Plan Toys hairdresser set is perfect for your budding barber! The set includes wooden toy scissors, comb, straighteners, hair dryer, clippers, hair dryer and a bag that fastens around their waist to store them in.  

Ideal for encouraging imaginary play, children will soon have their salon set up for business - straightening, cutting, drying and dyeing. Look out teddies, pets and parents! Also excellent for developing coordination skills, grasp and pincer grips. 

Plan Toys uses sustainable, ethically sourced Rubberwood for all of their toys, all the fun and knowing we are protecting the environment too. 

This toy is suitable from age 3. 

Box measures 23cm x 18.8cm x 7.5cm.