First Go Bike w/ Helmet (Pink

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First Go Bike w/ Helmet (Pink

BANWOOD -  First Go Bike w/ Helmet (Pink



Forget about training wheels. This vintage styled balance bike is a safe and comfortable ride for your little one that will naturally develop their balance and steering.

Toddlers love the independence and sense of achievement they get from riding a balance bike. The Banwood FIRST GO! is a gift that will introduce children to cycling. 

This Banwood Bike has a child-friendly frame with a pink finish. The handlebar and saddle is adjustable which provides sufficient room for growth and adapts to your child’s size. The saddle is made from durable faux leather, a material suitable for all type of weather and it is easy to wipe off. The front wicker basket is an all-time favorite to let the kids pack essentials for a day’s adventure!


Banwood bike helmets in a classic, stylish design. Banwood helmets provide your child with the maximum protection and safety needed for when they join you on the ride.

- Suitable for children 3 to 7 years old.

- Durable ABS shell.