Crazy Scientist - Optical Illusion

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Crazy Scientist - Optical Illusion

PURPLE COW - Crazy Scientist - Optical Illusion

Science / STEM

  • Are we really seeing reality as it is? As you will see after playing with this wonderful science kit, reality is not always as we see it….
  • Optical Illusions from A-Z: This science kit includes a plethora of engaging science experiments for kids covering a wide variety of optical illusions including: double meaning illusions, movement illusions, distorting illusions and others
  • Science made fun: You will build a piggy bank that keeps your money safe (or make it disappear…), explore color illusions, with special spinners and much more. 14 experiments inside!
  • Optical Illusions STEM education kit: this kit offers science experiments for kids 6-8 (at times with some parental guidance) or science experiments for kids 9-12 (working independently)