Crazy Scientist - Magical Mirrors

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Crazy Scientist - Magical Mirrors

THE PURPLE COW - Crazy Scientist - Magical Mirrors


  • Magical Mirrors experiment kit: This kit explores the power and magic of mirrors through a series of experiments.
  • Stem/ steam education kit: The crazy scientist experiments help your kids learn and engage with learning about STEM/ steam through curious experiments which they are guided through in this kit.
  • Experiment and learn: introduce kids to the world of STEM/ steam research and analytical thinking through a series of fun kids’ science projects of Magical Mirrors.
  • Science kit for home, school or parties: The crazy scientist series of science projects for kids help kids think through problems, find solutions and analyze results. Use these kits as learning aids or for experiments at home or school or as educational engagement at parties. Engage in hours of creativity and scientific exploration.
  • Mirrors made fun: over a dozen mind-blowing experiments some of which include the "infinite mirror", the "disappearing face" And building your own kaleidoscope. These experiments will teach kids about how Mirrors create illusions and will challenge their thinking.
  • Challenging and engaging: challenge your kid's mind and give them the magic of discovering new things through experimentation and engagement.
  • Professionally designed: each science experiment is professionally designed to increase kids’ knowledge and learning of experimenting and developing new ideas.
  • Kit contains: this science experiment kit comes equipped with the necessary equipment excluding some common household items, and a step-by-step guide with pictures and explanations.