BLA Butterfly Mobile

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BLA Butterfly Mobile

BLA BLA DOLL - BLA Butterfly Mobile

The ultimate addition to any nursery, this handmade mobile from Bla Bla features a whimsical design with little pastel butterflies and sweet details. Hang this chic mobile in baby’s nursery for a double-win of beauty and developmental support! With its gentle movement and soft colors, the mobile helps encourage a baby's visual skills, like tracking, and helps them learn to self-soothe. As little ones grow, make sure to adjust the height of your mobile so it’s always out of reach. And consider switching it up — hang your mobile over a changing pad or reading nook to refresh the space!


Materials: 100% Peruvian cotton

Details: Whimsical hand-knit design with little pastel butterflies

Dimensions: 14" round, adjustable up to 50" long